What’s The Best GPS Dog Collar? Top 10 Revealed 2021

There are few experiences more heartbreaking than losing your dog. That is why every dog owner should know about the benefits of owning a GPS dog collar, which allows owners to keep tabs on their dog’s whereabouts. The GPS dog collar is an especially valuable tool for dog owners who frequently enjoy taking their canine companions with them on hunts and other outdoor activities.

In this article, we will show you the ins and outs of the best GPS dog collars on the market. We will walk you through comprehensive reviews of ten we consider the best products on the market. In just a few moments, you will be one click away from the safety and ease of mind that comes from having instant access to your dog’s location.

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GPS dog collars, formally known as collar-mounted Global Positioning Systems trackers, are tracking devices, typically worn around a dog’s neck, that provide dog owners with remote access to their dog’s location.

There are two types of GPS trackers for dogs. The first (and the focus of this article) is the GPS dog collar, a specialized collar with a built-in receiver. This type of dog collar rarely requires any monthly subscription. The second type is the attachable GPS tracker, a separate component that can easily be affixed to a normal dog collar. These trackers often require subscriptions for full use.

GPS dog trackers and collars are either GSM-based (cellular) or radio-based. Cellular dog GPS trackers are a newer technology. They transmit your dog’s location directly to your phone via cellular signals. They have a smaller tracking range and are generally less reliable. They are usually cheaper to buy, but they also require monthly subscriptions that can quickly add up.

Other trackers operate via radio signals, allowing them to have larger ranges. They cost more, but they rarely require any subscriptions. Radio-based trackers are especially useful for dog owners who spend a lot of time outside of the city where they will not have a reliable cell signal.

You can buy a GPS dog collar at many stores carrying general pet supplies. You can also buy one online, from sites like Amazon.com.

The best GPS dog collars will have a combination of the following features:

  • Long battery life
  • Large range
  • Waterproofing and general durability
  • High level of comfort for the dog

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The following products were reviewed based on the following parameters: Features, Pros & Cons, Price, Where to Buy, and Warranty. With these criteria, we could review these products comprehensively and fairly. We know how important your dog is to you, and we want to ensure our reviews provide you with all the essential information without wasting your time with unnecessary details. These five parameters allowed us to do just that.

These products range in price from $15 to $800. The main price determinants include overall build quality, tracking range, battery life, and training viability. On the higher end of the range, you will find extra features like activity tracking and temperature monitoring.

  • Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 Dog GPS Bundle
  • Link AKC Smart Dog
  • Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO
  • Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle
  • SportDOG TEK Series GPS Tracking System TEK V1L
  • Garmin Astro 320 T5 Dog GPS Bundle
  • Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Mini Fashion ID Tags
  • Garmin TT 15 Mini Dog Device
  • Whistle GPS Pet Tracker
  • Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System

The Garmin Alpha 100 TT 15 Dog GPS Bundle is a high-sensitivity GPS tracker and remote. It has a transflective, TFT touchscreen display sized 1.53 inches by 2.55 inches, a one-inch black collar strap, a 5-inch standard antenna, and a 13-inch extended-range antenna. It comes equipped with pre-loaded TOPO U.S. 100k maps, LED beacon lights, a rescue mode, and two types of stimulation—tone and vibration. It tracks up to 20 dogs for up to 9 miles and measures your dogs’ speed and distance traveled. It has a battery life of 20 to 40 hours.

  • Tracks and trains up to 20 dogs
  • Can set virtual boundaries for your dogs
  • Measures your dogs’ speed and distance
  • 18 levels of stimulation for alerts
  • Comes with pre-loaded maps
  • Long battery life
  • Touchscreen
  • Expensive at $800
  • The user interface could be better

This product can be found on Amazon for around $800.

It comes with a 1-year warranty.

LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar – GPS Location Tracker, Activity Monitor, and More, Leather Medium (KITTN02)

  • Service plan: Link AKC is like a smart phone for your dog & requires service plan connectivity to allow data to be transmitted. Includes an extended , A size , and access to the pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 animal Poison control center
  • Location tracking nationwide in United States: know your dog’s location with fast and accurate GPS tracking enabled by the AT&T cellular network (service plan required). Be alerted if your dog leaves designated safe zones
  • Activity monitoring and sound training: activity goals are customized by arc to your dog’s age, breed, and size to allow for accurate daily activity monitoring. Remote turn-on sound to help with training

The Link AKC Smart Dog Collar is a GPS and activity tracker compatible with iOS and Android. It is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 3 feet of water, and it has a battery life of 3.5 days. It can record your walks and send temperature alerts when your dog’s environment is too cold or hot. It is not recommended for dogs under 10 pounds.

  • Provides temperature alerts
  • Accurate location tracking (real time)
  • Durable collar
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Comes with pre-loaded maps
  • Inaccurate activity tracking
  • Made of stiff leather (can be uncomfortable for small dogs)

This product can be found on Amazon for around $80.

It comes with a 90-day warranty return period.

The Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO is an advanced pet monitoring, tracking, and locating system for dogs and cats 5 lbs and up. It does not require GPS, cell network access, or any monthly service contracts. It features a single-button push-to-begin format, allowing pet owners to find real-time distance and direction feedback instantly. The battery is rechargeable and lasts up to 6 weeks.

  • Long battery life (6 weeks)
  • No monthly subscriptions
  • Can be expanded to accommodate three pets
  • Reliable tracking
  • Excellent customer service
  • Has a slight learning curve
  • Can be less effective in cities (buildings can throw off signals)

This product can be found on Amazon for around $230.

It comes with a 90-day warranty.

Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle, Handheld and Dog Training Device with Built-in BarkLimiter

  • LONG/SHORT CONTACTS-Includes long and short changeable/replaceable contact points
  • STIMULATION LEVELS – Improved stimulation levels; features 36 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation, plus tone and vibration
  • RANGE – Gives 3/4 mile range capability to correct your dog’s behavior while out in the field. Handheld Battery life-80 hours per charge. Dog Device-Battery life- 60 hours per charge. Multi-dog compatibility- 3

The Garmin Delta Sport XC accommodates both long and short contact points, which are changeable and replaceable. It comes with a handheld and a dog device compatible with up to 3 dogs. It features 36 stimulation levels (both momentary and continuous) using tone and vibration. It has a range of .75 miles. The dog device has a battery life of 60 hours, and the handheld has a battery life of 80 hours.

  • Comes with reliable training features
  • Sturdy, flexible collar
  • Has a range of .75 miles
  • Buggy bark-limiting function
  • Can be difficult to use at first

This product can be found on Amazon for around $220.

It comes with a 1-year warranty.

The SportDOG TEK Series GPS Tracking System TEK V1L is designed for hunters. It provides instant tracking for up to 12 dogs, with a range of 7 miles. The system comes with two components: a collar and a handheld device. Both are waterproof. The collar is submersible up to 25 feet while the handheld is submersible up to 5 feet.

  • Large range of up to 7 miles
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Difficult to find in stock
  • Limited in features
  • Steep learning curve

This product can be found on Amazon for around $200.

It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Garmin Astro 430/T 5 Dog Tracking Bundle

  • Expanded dog capability – track up to 20 dogs from a range of up to 9 miles
  • GPS/glonass – high-sensitivity GPS and glonass satellite reception has the ability to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone
  • Preloaded mapping – includes preloaded topo U.S. 100K mapping and a free 1-year birdseye satellite imagery subscription

The Garmin Astro 320 T5 Dog GPS Bundle comes with a collar and a handheld device. It uses high-sensitivity GPS with GLONASS to track up to 10 dogs at a time over a range of 9 miles. It features advanced mapping through optional BirdsEye Satellite Imagery and TOPO maps.

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Decent range (not as large as the 9 miles claimed)
  • Expensive at around $600
  • Difficult user interface
  • Mediocre resolution on maps

This product can be found on Amazon for around $600.

It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Mini Fashion ID Tags, with DynoIQ & Lifetime Recovery Service. 3 Identical Tags for Gear (Bumblebee)

  • PEACE OF MIND: Be prepared for emergencies! Protect against Identity Theft! Lifelong protection for loved ones and valuable gear! Securely sets up in a minute, protects for life! You’ll wonder how you lived without it! Tag shows contact and other information you set up. Viewers contact you OR our support team to arrange remedy! With hundreds of thousands of tags in service, Dynotag is the leading company providing maintenance-free smart tags with offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
  • Tough and maintenance free! Dynotags require NO electronics or batteries. Advanced DynoIQ Features work anywhere with Internet! PATENTED technology, industry leading features. Reward for Return – included! Lifetime Service – included! Owner is auto-notified via email when tag is viewed. Simple to use – advanced features available when needed. No app required: Works via web browser to setup or view the tag on phones, tablets or PCs! Largest selection of maintenance-free smart tags in the world!
  • This product comes with GOLD level full functionality. LIFETIME subscription is INCLUDED!

Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Mini Fashion ID Tags, made of synthetic material and laminated for optimal strength, are highly durable and waterproof. They come with Dynotag’s GOLD level of functionality and a lifetime subscription. Each Dynotag directs its finder to a private web page that protects your identity while ensuring the finder has all the information necessary to return your pet to you. Any time someone scans your pet’s Dynotag, you will instantly receive a notification.

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Highly affordable
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Not technically a dog tracker, but useful for finding lost pets
  • Does not display location
  • Only useful if someone finds your pet and agrees to return it

This product can be found on Amazon for around $15.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Garmin TT 15 Mini Dog Device

  • SMALLER PHYSICAL SIZE – Designed for smaller breeds measuring as small as 9.5″ in neck circumference
  • LIGHTER WEIGHT – TT 15 mini is lighter in weight (7.5 oz.) compared to the standard TT 15 dog device (10.0 oz.).
  • COLLAR SLEEP MODE – Allows you to save the battery life on your dog device by turning on the sleep mode feature from the handheld. 3/4″ COLLAR STRAPS Compatible with 3/4″ polyurethane-coated nylon collar straps; multiple colors sold separately.

The Garmin TT 15 Mini Dog Device is designed for small breeds, compatible with a neck circumference as small as 9.5 inches. Its collar strap is made of polyurethane-coated nylon measuring .75 inches. Its battery life ranges from 16 to 30 hours. It features a collar sleep mode for extending battery life. It comes with long and short contacts made of insulated stainless steel, making it suitable for wet conditions. It features 18 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation.

  • Decent range (1 mile)
  • Comfortable collar
  • Accurate tracking
  • Only for small breeds
  • Somewhat limited in functions

This product can be found on Amazon for around $300.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor / Grey

  • New Whistle models available: Whistle go explore and Whistle go
  • Nationwide location tracking: pinpoint your pet’s location with this top-rated SMART GPS activity tracker for your pet anywhere AT&T 3g cellular service is available.
  • Proactive alerts: get text, app or email notifications when your pet leaves home.

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker allows you to set up a Whistle Zone—a safe area for your pet—and notifies you whenever your pet leaves it. It provides nationwide coverage through cellular and GPS technology, meaning you can track your dog’s location as long as there is a cell signal. It tracks your dog’s activity so you can better understand its behavior and health. It is both durable and waterproof. It requires a monthly subscription, starting at $6.95 a month.

  • Durable and waterproof
  • Provides activity tracking
  • Battery life of up to 10 days
  • Difficult to find in stock
  • Requires a monthly subscription (starting at $6.95/month)
  • Provides tracking updates in 3-minute intervals (making it hard to find moving pets)

This product can be found on Amazon for around $100.

It comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Dog Expedition TC1 Border Patrol GPS System is portable and wireless. It is suitable for use at home, on trips, and out in the wild. It allows you to set up a customized area of containment for your dog. It has a range of up to 800 yards and a battery life of around 8 hours. It is ideal for owners who want to provide their dogs with plenty of freedom while keeping them safe.

  • Reliable GPS tracking
  • Comes with remote training functions
  • Great durability
  • Relatively low battery life of around 8 to 10 hours
  • Expensive at $600

This product can be found on Amazon for around $600.

It comes with a 1-year warranty.

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When it comes right down to it, there is no beating Garmin’s Alpha 100 TT 15 Animal GPS Bundle. It costs $800 but its performance and build quality merit the price. It has the largest range of all the products on our list at 9 miles, a battery life of 20 to 40 hours, and compatibility with up to 20 dogs at a time.

If the Alpha 100 TT 15 is out of your budget, we recommend you look into the Link AKC Smart Dog, priced at $80. It provides accurate GPS tracking, a battery life of several days, and reliable durability. The Link AKC Smart Dog offers high performance at an affordable price.

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