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Are you a golfer who’s looking for a high-quality golf GPS? Or, maybe you are new to the game and aren’t quite sure what to look for when it comes to choosing the best golf GPS for you. Either way, you are in the right place. Using a golf GPS is a great way for golfers to improve their game, but choosing the right one can be confusing. This is why we are excited to share with you all the ins and outs of choosing the best golf GPS for your level and your specific needs.Whether you are an avid golfer or are just beginning the game of golf, using a golf GPS can be a game changer for you. There are so many different types available, so there is something for everybody. In this article, you will learn what a golf GPS does, which features to look for when choosing the best golf GPS, as well as our top 10 list of the best golf GPS devices available on the market. Once you are finished reading this article, you will be able to confidently choose the best golf GPS for you.


A GPS is a global positioning system that works by exchanging satellite data to provide information on the device’s location as well as other locations in its vicinity. Golf GPS devices use this data to provide information on the location and golf course surroundings that players can use to improve their game. Systems often offer advice and information on the environment that the golfer could not know without having this device. You can opt for a handheld device or a watch when choosing a golf GPS.

Using a golf GPS can help a golfer in various ways, depending on the system. Finding distances and choosing different clubs can be difficult, especially for a new golfer. These systems make tasks like these much easier to do. They are also not only extremely helpful for a golfer who’s playing on a new course where they may be unfamiliar, but they can be used for those who simply want to improve their golf score. Unlike most other types of GPS systems, golf GPS systems are meant to be kept on your person during golf play.

Choosing the best golf GPS depends on your style of play and other preferences you may have. If you just want the basic features, you can opt for a more low-cost version. Getting a golf GPS that has all the latest features and high levels of customization will cost you a little extra. Take into consideration the ease of use as having a system that is difficult to use will be pointless.

Choosing the best golf GPS depends on a lot of factors. Aside from choosing a golf GPS that is loaded with features, you also want to look at the design to make sure you like the size, color, and form. Battery life is an overlooked feature, but it is important to know that your GPS will be able to withstand the length of a golf game. Look at the data support, as some have automatic course updates, some come with courses pre-loaded, and others will charge you fees for the downloadable content.

You can find a golf GPS at many sports stores, and stores specifically designed for golfers. Online, you can find them at online retail stores such as Amazon. We have comprised our list using Amazon.


In order to create the most comprehensive list of the best golf GPS systems on the market, we looked at many variables. Because there are different levels of golfers and GPS devices offering so many features, we wanted to ensure that no matter what your level is or what features you are looking for, it was on the list. We took into consideration the number of features available, ease of use, battery life, how many golf courses it recognized, if it is preloaded or if it updates, the design, and the cost. No matter what, there is something for you on this list.


Depending on certain factors, the systems listed in our list of the best golf GPS range in price from around $ to over $$$. A golf GPS on the lower end of the scale will likely not have as many features, and may not have updates available. A more costly device will give you a variety of features and often offers more customization.

Callaway GPSy Golf Watch, Black

  • Preloaded with over 30,000 golf courses worldwide; No annual fees or subscriptions required
  • Accurate distances to front, center, and back of green as well as layup and carry distances to back of hazards and doglegs
  • Scorekeeper tracks scores, GIR, and putts per round; Auto-course recognition; Auto-hole advance; Shot distance measurement

FeaturesKey features of this product include its ability to track your steps, track while you play, and its ability to last 10-12 hours while being in GPS mode. It also has the ability to recognize 30,000 courses automatically.

Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • Good battery life
  • Tracks while you play
  • Auto-recognizes 30,000 courses
  • Only two color options
  • Simple design

Key features of this product include its auto distance information feature, 8 language settings, and it gives you the distance to the front, back, and center of the green. It also recognizes over 35,000 golf courses from all over the world.

Option to get a 3-year protection plan for around $6.

  • Recognizes over 35,000 courses from all over the world
  • Has 8 different languages included
  • Simple and high-quality design that has a large screen and is easy to understand
  • Reviewers have said the features are very basic

Key features of this product include its stylish design that you can continue to wear after the round is over, extremely accurate GPS, and ability to recognize hazards.

Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • High-quality and accurate GPS
  • A stylish design you can look good wearing on the course and off
  • Specialized charging
  • Swing pro feature isn’t as accurate as other options

SkyCaddie Linxgt Game Tracking Edition, Black, One Size

  • The SkyCaddie linxgt game tracking edition is Golf’s first GPS rangefinder and shot tracking watch with mobile GPS app
  • Preloaded with 35000 true ground course maps with accurate distance to bunkers, carries, water, creeks and more
  • Shot tracking Smart tags behave like an electronic inventory System identifying each club in your bag that captures shot location and measures distance

Key features of this product include fitness tracking features such as steps, distance, and calorie tracking features, its apps, and its club sensor.


You can get 3-year accident protection for around $14.

  • Can be used as a fitness tracker
  • Comes with an app
  • Has a club sensor
  • More costly than some other options
  • Only color choice is black

FeaturesKey features of this product include its pre-loaded 36,000 courses, an integrated step counter, and Bluetooth compatibility that lets you know about any course updates. It also comes with hazard detection, which can be extremely helpful.

Comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Recognizes over 36,000 courses
  • Comes with hazard detection
  • Is Bluetooth compatible

Arccos Golf 360 Golf Performance Tracking System

  • Arccos users know the exact distance to any point on the course, learn precisely which club to use in every situation and identify actual strengths and weaknesses of their game.
  • Developed in partnership with Microsoft, Arccos Caddie shows your optimal strategy on any hole in the world. It analyzes every shot you’ve taken with Arccos, as well as 100 million+ shots taken by the Arccos community on more than 40, 000 courses.
  • Arccos 360 is hands-free and fully automatic. Unlike competing products, it requires no tagging, tapping or other annoying disruptions to a player’s routine.

Key features of this product include its ultralight sensors that track every one of your clubs, hits, speed, and point of location as well as its mobile app that gives you full feedback live from your cell phone.


Comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Comes with a free mobile app
  • Has 14 ultralight sensors that track your clubs, hits, speed, and location
  • Gives you real-time feedback about your shot
  • Some reviewers have said it has missed tracking a shot

Key features of this product include its incredibly accurate stats, 40,000 courses recognized from all over the world, and the watch will give you real-time advice as you play. It also comes with multiple color options, so you can choose a look that you like.


Comes with 1-year warranty

  • Multiple color options
  • Gives you accurate stats
  • Over 40,000 courses recognized
  • Cannot view scorecard from the watch
  • More costly than some other options listed

FeaturesKey features of this product include shot distance measurement, hands-free design, and a high-quality touchpad that does not contain any hidden costs to use. It is a lightweight device, so there is no dealing with bulky equipment that you won’t end up wanting to use.


You can add a 3-year protection plan for around $.

  • Is compact, lightweight, and fits in the palm of your hand
  • No hidden cost associated with the touchpad
  • Comes with 4 colors to choose from
  • Some reviewers have said they would prefer it come with a power supply

FeaturesKey features of this product include its automatic course updates via Bluetooth with their app and hole layout view that shows the current position of the player.


You can get 3-year accident protection for around $.

  • Color screen with good sunlight visibility
  • Dynamic Green View
  • Tracks your steps
  • Information may overwhelm newer golfers


Now that you have seen the list containing all the best golf GPS systems, you may be wondering which specific one is for you. Our top pick is the Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch because of its wide array of features, ability to recognize 40,000 courses worldwide along with free updates, and it’s tempered glass screen protector that will keep your watch looking good for years to come. This is the most expensive option on the list, but we think it is worth it. As far as an option that won’t be as costly, we like the Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch. Although it is more basic than the more costly option, it is still packed with a good number of features. We appreciate the fact that it is Bluetooth compatible and recognizes over 36,000 courses as well as the hazard protection it comes with. While these are our favorite picks, no matter which one you choose, it will be sure to help you out on the course!

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