Uniden R7 Radar Detector: Review and What You Need to Know

Uniden’s R series of radar detectors arrived with a triumph of high praise, but the Uniden R7 Radar Detector quickly eclipsed all other models.

No matter how good a range may prove, eventually, something comes along to wipe away the competition. Uniden doesn’t mess around when it comes to high-performance radar detectors, and they continue to push the boundaries of the brand.

Speeding constitutes one of the greatest dangers on the road and contributes significantly to road traffic accidents. In 2018 alone, some 9378 people died due to speeding, and it continues to remain a deadly problem on our motorways.

Consequently, you may find that the Uniden R7 Extreme Range Radar & Laser Detector becomes your best friend when you set out on your journey.

Uniden R7 Radar Detector

Uniden created the acclaimed R series of radar detectors and followed up their superb R3 model with the excellent Uniden R7 Radar Detector.

The Uniden R7 is a feature-packed radar detector offering outstanding performance. It easily mounts to the windshield and features directional arrows, false alert filtering, and an OLED display in its high-tech innards.

So if you want top-notch performance when it comes to speed camera detection in both city and highway environments, you need to look no further than this superb piece of equipment.

Automated enforcement is used in many jurisdictions to reduce redlight running and speeding. The first speed-limit enforcement program began in Paradise Valley, Arizona, back in 1987.

Consequently, America has over 4150 traffic cameras in operation. Therefore, your new best friend may arrive in the form of the Uniden R7 extreme range radar & laser detector.

Exploring Radar Detectors

A radar detector sits on your windshield and resembles a dash camera or GPS. However, the radar proves efficient at warning you of police presence and speed detection devices. The device also helps you to remain safe on the road by giving you the ability to tailor your speed.

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Police equipment, such as radar guns, is used to detect your speed, operate on specific radio waves, and radar detectors alert the driver to their presence.

A radar detector mounted inside your vehicle scans the road ahead and behind to alert you of any issues regarding speed cameras and red lights.

If you find yourself exceeding the speed for some reason, the radar detector alerts you to police or camera presence to give you the time to adjust your speed accordingly.

We all need to follow the law and stick within speed limits for our safety and the safety of others. However, we all make mistakes, especially if we need to get somewhere in a hurry.

Therefore, a radar detector may end up saving you money from fines, not to mention your driving license! Furthermore, a radar detector may help save your life.

Do I need a radar detector?

Anyone who drives for a living may find such a gadget invaluable to their job. Not only will it save you money from reducing the risk of fines, but it may also help to protect your position.

If your employer catches you speeding, you may well find yourself looking for another job.

Perhaps your commute back and forth to work makes such a gadget essential. A lapse in concentration may happen all too easily, and so, a radar detector will keep you on the straight and narrow.

The law

While radar detectors may provide a lifeline for those who hate having one eye on the speedometer and one eye on the road, you must check that the use of such devices remains legal in your area.

While their use is legal in most states, in some places (such as Virginia and Washington D.C), such devices are prohibited.

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector Proves Chunky by Design

You may be used to small, discreet devices mounted to your screen. However, you cannot miss the R7.

The unit represents a considerable presence on your windshield. It measures 3.86 inches by 4.81 inches by 1.38 inches and weighs 0.246 ounces. Furthermore, it arrives in a robust neoprene carrying case.

Driver-friendly screen

Uniden gave a great deal of consideration to the design, with the display tilted down slightly towards the driver. This represents a thoughtful touch and makes the unit easy to read.

Furthermore, the fill color OLED screen proves larger than many of its competitors, which helps when you need to understand what you see at a glance.

Size matters

Many displays prove notoriously difficult to read with relatively small text. However, Uniden solves the problem by making the text larger than most other models, which helps its readability. This proves particularly essential when you need to avoid speed traps.

An elegant touch arrives in the form of a light sensor and auto-dimming ability, which works automatically in conjunction with the lighting conditions.

Easy Operation

The well-designed device uses an array of buttons situated on the exterior. Using a thoughtful and intuitive configuration of buttons, you can easily set up the device to your preferences.

A simple menu button guides you through the process, while other buttons allow for volume control. You will find the power button situated on top of the detector.

Silence is golden

The mark buttons and mute buttons sit on the machine’s side and rely on different types of presses to activate. A single tap mutes any alerts, while a double-tap remembers false alerts.

Furthermore, the intuitive system means that a long press adjusts the brightness of the screen.

Mark button

Use a short press to mark a location. Using another short press while in a marked area deletes the mark, and a long press resets all of your stored GPS marks.

It may sound like a series of complex video game moves. However, most of us use smartphones, and the Uniden R7 Radar Detector operation feels very much like pressing and double-tapping the controls and buttons on a smart device.

Extreme Range

Uniden improves on the R series’s excellent range by boosting the range of the R7 by 12 percent. Furthermore, a dual set of antennas provides impressive accuracy in detecting cameras.

Improvements to the plastic condenser lens in front of the laser detector’s horn improve the detector’s sensitivity, especially over extreme distances.

False alert filtering

A built-in K filter proves effective at filtering out blind spot false alerts, and while it won’t get them all, the K block feature allows you to filter out false alerts from Hondas and Acuras effectively.

You can use the advanced mode to adjust the K band and cut down on false alerts. The detector proves so sensitive that city mode provides additional filtering.

GPS Lockouts

The excellent GPS feature helps eliminate those annoying false alert sounds. You may come across stationary false alerts from shopping centers or speed signs, and by double-tapping the mute button, the device remembers the signal and mutes it in the future.

The “mute memory” proves a useful feature. By locking out the signal, the detector remains silent but continues to provide you with a visual signal to alert you to the situation. Furthermore, the sophisticated device greys out the screen as a visual representation of “mute memory.”


The Uniden R7 Radar Detector features improved memory to store lockouts. Consequently, the R7 remains capable of storing up to 1750 lockouts compared to the 500 of its predecessors.

This makes a considerable improvement to the range to provide the driver with peace of mind.

Uniden R7 firmware update

Uniden plans to release a firmware update that performs automatic GPS lockouts.

Once released, the update allows the device to learn false alerts automatically and locks them out for you, which means you don’t have to keep reaching for the mute button every time.


Low-speed muting keeps the device quiet around town environments and at red lights, and the R7 remains quiet when you drive slowly through these situations. Once you put your foot down, the RV returns to its normal function.

‘Quiet ride’ proves particularly useful when you haven’t built your GPS lockouts and represents a valuable feature when driving around town.

Camera alerts

When you approach a red light camera or a speed camera, the R7 notifies you of the approaching threat and indicates the red light camera’s distance.

If you approach a speed camera, the R7 indicates the legal speed limit and alerts you to your speed if you exceed the limit.


MultaRadar CD and CT detection remain beyond the capabilities of many machines. However, the Uniden R7 Radar Detector is capable of detecting them.

The detector provides a customizable alert tone to alert you of the use of MultaRadar that differentiates it from the K band alert.

Laser Detector

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector does detect laser but lacks sensitivity compared to other models in its class. However, the device boasts excellent range with laser detecting, and it just lacks the sensitivity for reliable detection.

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More Updates

Uniden uses customer feedback to release firmware updates for their devices. The updates improve the device’s functionality, fix bugs, and add new features to the comprehensive unit.

Before downloading any updates, you must first install the appropriate drivers. Consequently, the process should prove relatively straightforward whether using Windows or Mac.

A Brief Overview

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector outmatches most other detectors in its field, including Uniden’s outstanding R series.

The device features directional arrows and excellent false alert filtering systems. Furthermore, the detector boasts a multicolor OLED display.

Using manual GPS lockouts, the detector uses low-speed muting and redlight camera/speed camera alerts.

You can use customizable alerts, and the machine supports MRCD and MRCT.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The Uniden R7 extreme range radar & laser detector sounds like the dream machine. However, like all things, it has its good and bad sides.

Excellent detection

  • The detector features a larger display than most models
  • Many users claim the device outperforms most other detectors in its budget
  • The strength meter uses 8 levels rather than the 5 that other models use
  • The R7 features a longer range
  • You can use the Bluetooth feature to pair the device with your phone
  • The device displays the speed limit as you travel
  • A magnetic mount proves easy to install

The downside

  • Some users found the laser detecting feature lacks in range and performance
  • A few users claim the rear antenna provides too many false alerts
  • The updates may prove problematic when downloading
  • The device proves larger than most typical detectors
  • Some people didn’t like the unconventional build and design
  • Extreme sunlight may wash out the OLED display

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector Explored

Safety on the road remains of paramount importance to most of us. Speeding results in accidents, and unfortunately, may prove fatal. A radar detector helps the driver to stay within the law and keeps you safe while driving.

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector proves an excellent device in its budget and easily outmatches most machines in its class. Uniden continually strives to improve its detectors, and the R7 easily outranks all their previous models.

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With improved sensitivity, accuracy, and range, the R7 offers peace of mind on the road. While it lacks a little in the laser detection area, most users praise the unit’s reliability and superb performance.

A larger screen and intuitive operation allow for easy operation of the detector when driving. Furthermore, the ability to download upgrades and improvements from Uniden ensures the machine remains relevant and up to date.

Do you have experience using the R7? Why not leave your feedback in the space below.

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