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The Radenso XP Radar Detector is one of the most innovative radar detectors you can get. It has all the features you need to stay safe from virtually any police radar/ laser gun out there. Sure, it isn’t one of the cheapest, but what it can do makes it worth every buck. For starters, it is amazingly quiet (possibly the quietest radar detector). And that’s not the only reason it stands out when pitted against close competitors.

We take a closer look at the Radenso XP and what makes it special.

World-Class Sensitivity

In all our radar detector reviews, we insist on checking the sensitivity of the model you plan to purchase before you spend your money on it. Well, that shouldn’t be a cause for concern with this particular detector. It boasts top-of-the-line sensitivity to deliver radar detector alerts a couple of miles away. That way, your chances of getting nabbed by the police laser guns for over speeding are almost zero.

And, the beauty of it is that you can adjust the sensitivity to match your driving speed. You may also want to know that this detector offers three operating modes; City, Highway and Auto City.

Stellar Blind Spot Monitor

When driving on the highway or city streets, your radar can access over 200 nuisance signals including magnetic door openers and microwaves. With a below standard detector mounted in your car, you’ll have to deal with lots of false alerts. The Radenso XP, however, offers the best-in-class spot and traffic monitor to filter and prevent false alarms effectively.

GPS Lockout Ability

This radar detector is smart – in every sense of the word. While you’d expect a model of its stature to detect signals other than those from the police radar/laser guns, it does you one better! It features the revolutionary GPS lockout function programmed to take note of widespread false signals along the routes that you drive often. It then filters them so that you don’t have to listen to one false alarm twice.

Apart from reducing false alarms, the GPS capability will also help you avoid speed camera by letting you know which lanes are under monitoring. You’ll even stay safe from red light used in 22 states. And, just like the Escort iX, this model’s camera alerts are multi-directional. In essence, it means that the Radenso XP Radar Detector won’t alert you at every intersection with a red light camera because it “knows” that the camera isn’t a threat. And the best part is that the red light and speed camera databases come with lifetime updates.

Photo Enhancement Protection – The XP, thanks to its built-in GPS will warn you about pending fixed photo enforcement cameras. With such an alert, you will adjust your speed to the set limits.

Free Updates – Unlike most radar detector companies, you don’t have to pay anything for updates with Radenso. We’re talking about software updates or any premium updates. Put differently; your radar will always match up to new threats all year round. All you got to do is to connect it to your laptop every three months for updates.

Smooth Advanced Programming – You can fine tune your XP for comfortable riding at the press of a button. The responsive interface enables you to set various functions such s brightness of the display, filtering, and sensitivity to your liking.

Bright LED Screen – There’s no second guessing with this radar detector. It has a large and bright LED display, enabling you to read the warnings at a glance. Besides, the flashing red/orange display makes it easy to move between speed/voltage and speed/time. And when do you want to use the LED screen, you can turn on the digital voice alerts option.

Motor Cycle Compatibility – While the XP doesn’t feature an earphone jack, it comes with a direct wire cord as an optional accessory. This cord, by extension, allows you to mount on your racing motorbike.

The Radenso XP Radar Detector indeed offers an excellent balance of iconic performance and smooth operation. Its resistance against force alarms and police radar detectors is remarkable. As outlined above, it boasts a variety of user-adjustable functions, making it a great pick if you know your way with radar detectors. The XP is for any driver who wants a model that can suit his/her driving style.

We also couldn’t help but notice Radenso’s promise that this radar detector will keep you free of a speeding ticket for a whopping 12 months. It shows that Radenso believes in the quality of their product and aren’t afraid to back it up!