How to Update Your Escort Radar Detector – Best Radar Detector 2019

In our best radar detector reviews, we did mention that the one thing that keeps Escort ahead of the park is the fact that their models are updatable. In essence, this means that you can attune your detector to be in line with the current technology.

Other than that, it also means you can keep your detector for long without the need to replace it – which brings us to this question – how can you update your Escort radar detector?

Below, we give you a step by step lowdown of how to do it. And, the best part is that you can do it all at without leaving your house!

Step One – Visit Escort’s Official Website

The quest to update your radar detector starts by visiting, the manufacturers’ official site. While you’re here, hover over the Product Registration tab and click on it.

A list of various detector models will pop up. Be sure to scroll through it and click on the link that corresponds to your model.

You will then get ushered into a new page detailing Escort’s terms of service. Click on the “Agree” link at the bottom of the page.

This click will take you to the next page prompting you to download the files you require to update your radar detector. It is worth noting that downloads vary depending on your computer’s operating system. You can download files for Windows or Mac, based on what you’re using.

Step Two – Downloading the Files

Once you click on the green “download” tab, you will get a prompt asking you to whether you want to open or save the program. You may choose to open the program if you intend to update your detector right away or save if you’re going to do it at a later time.

In this scenario, we’ll assume you want to update your detector immediately, so you’ll click on “open.” Make sure that you follow the subsequent prompts to allow you to download the program correctly.

Step Three – Plugging Your Radar Detector

You now have the files you require to update your detector so go ahead and plug-in your detector. We insist that counter check the data to make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest version and most importantly with the correct drivers.

To ensure that you get it right the first time, launch the program, click on the Escort Detector Tools menu and then drivers.

Connect your gadget to your computer via an A/B USB cable if everything is as it should be. Sit back and watch as the Radar Detector tool authenticates your detector and its serial number. Both metrics will appear in a green box.

Step Four – Updating Your Detector

Familiarize yourself with the menu options before you update your device. You will see the About section, Drivers, Escort License Agreement, Quick Detector Tool and Application Updates – all falling under the Escort Detector Tools menu.

You can update your detector’s firmware and defender database under the Manual Updates menu.

Then there’s the Save Locations option that allows you to store all marked locations contained in your detector. The restore menu will enable you to reinstate saved locations. Be sure to save your locations before updating your device.

To update your device, click on the advanced options menu, save location and then choose a folder on your computer to save the data. It may take you a couple of minutes (two to three) depending on the number of locations. A banner will pop to alert you that this process is complete.

Update your detector’s defender and firmware by clicking on the green circle that appears on your screen. This process may take up to five minutes depending on your internet’s speed. Delete the outdated firmware and reinstall the new one. You will then get a prompt to update your defender as well. Again, a banner will pop up when the entire process is complete.

By now, your detector is up-to-date, so you should close the detector tools program. And can rest assured of a better experience once you mount the device on your auto.

In conclusion, we advise that you update your radar detector at least once every two months. And if you have time, there’s no harm in doing it on a monthly basis.

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