How To Update a Tomtom GPS – Best Radar Detector 2019

.Tomtom GPS units can be high for frequent drivers or trucks. But sometimes these devices need updating. If you notice that your GPS is lagging or displaying incorrect information, then it is probably time to update the software on the device. Luckily, learning how to update a tomtom gps is quite easy. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

Steps to Update Your Tomtom GPS

First, you will need to connect your computer with the Tomtom’s MyDrive Connect which allows you to manage both the content and features on your GPS. Make sure your computer’s operating system is compatible with the latest MyDrive Connect version. If you are not sure if you have the newest version of you MyDrive Connect, then go to the settings button and click the about tab. If you need to update the software, the screen will tell you.

Once your GPS connects through the MyDrive Connect feature, turn on your device. Log into the machine using your username and password. Once you logged into MyDrive Connect, then hit the update selected button. An informational blurb will display what features and patches come included with the update. Once you read this information, then click the accept and install the switch.

Now MyDrive Connect will install the update onto your device. If you want to check the update time you can look at either your computer or the Tomtom GPS device to get an estimated time until completion. When the installation process is over, then the screen will alert you with a message. Once you see this message, then click on my content button and disconnect your GPS from the MyDrive Connect. Congrats, you’ve learned how to update a tomtom GPS, and you are ready to get driving.

We hope our article taught you how to update a Tomtom GPS. If you are curious about getting a different GPS, then make sure you check out our list of the best truck GPS units available on the market right now.