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There’s more to speeding than just breaking the law. For starters, it may get you involved in an accident and by extension leave you nursing serious injuries for months. And, speeding is a major issue. Statistics indicate that driving beyond the set speed limits is responsible for more than 100,000 deaths annually.

But, is it that hard to drive as per the limits set by law? Does it have to take road barriers or red light cameras to force you to slow down? If you have a lead foot, these tidbits will help keep your driving speed in check.

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Calm Down

You’re likely to over speed if you drive under emotions. Before you get behind the wheel, make sure that you’re not angry or anxious. See, you need control your senses to resist the urge to speed. You may consider taking some deep breaths or listen to some soothing music as you drive. In other words, your focus should be on the road and not elsewhere. In fact, there’s no problem if you stop by the roadside to catch a breather whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Be Early

Leave your home early enough to avoid running late to work or your destination. Most of the time, accidents occur because people can’t just keep time. Set an alarm if you have to. Prepare your breakfast in good time. Whatever it is that you do, avoid last-minute rushes – they’re a recipe for disaster almost always.

Keep Your Eyes on the Speedometer

At times, you don’t even know that you’re speeding. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to take glances at the speedometer once in a while. Think of it as a way to audit your speed. Of course, you will slow down in case you’re driving beyond the set speed limits. One thing though – keep the glance brief – you don’t want to take your focus off the road.

Make Use of the Cruise Control Function

Most motorists tend to speed on straight open roads. Use the cruise control function on such sections of the road to keep the temptation to over speed in check. All you need to do is to press the “Set” button your car, accelerate at your preferred speed and let the functionality set the speed automatically. You may also use decelerate and accelerate buttons to adjust the speed.

Note – the cruise control setting may differ from one car brand to the other. You should, therefore, consult your user’s manual for the instructions on how to set it.

Other than that, it is important to note that cruise control is not for winding or city roads. You should not use it in rainy weather or on hilly sections of the road. Be careful when driving downhill as your car will pick speed. Additionally, apart from slowing you down, braking stops cruise control.

Stay Under the Speed Limits

The first recommendation on Avoid Speeding Tickets is to drive under the speed limit. Come to think of it, dropping 8 km/h won’t affect your travel time more so if you leave home early. It will also reduce the risk of getting involved in a crash.

Know What it Will Cost you for Speeding

Ask any driver who has been through the nightmare of getting a speeding ticket and they’ll tell to never drive beyond the set limits. The thing is, a ticket is expensive whichever way you look at it. Unless you know how to fight a speeding ticket, you may have to part with a few hundred dollars billed on your insurance.

Besides, cruising for more than 105 kilometers per hour will cause more wear and tear on your vehicle not to mention that you will burn more fuel. Moreover, an accident you’re at fault will cost you much more.

Learn Manual Transmission

Make no mistake about it; an automatic transmission is great, but you may have to learn some manual transmission if you have a speeding problem. Manual transmission allows you to shift up the gears using a gear stick to increase the speed. That way, you have more control over your maximum speed. You can also tell how fast you’re going by the sound of your vehicle’s engine.

Practice Speeding Elsewhere

Find ways to release your adrenaline rush elsewhere other than on the road. You could, for instance, play racing games where you can “drive” as fast as you can without putting everyone at risk. You can also enroll in autocross evens or club racing. The idea here is to trim you need to speed before you head out to the road.

Stay Off the Steering Wheel

If any the following strategies don’t work for you, how about you drive less often. You can come up with your ways of reducing the time you spend on the road with your car. Hop into a commuter bus or train if that what it takes to keep you off the road. Bike or walk for shorter distances.

While these tips will help you avoid speeding, you can help others do the same by;

  • Making everyone responsible for the aftermath that comes with getting a speeding ticket
  • Mounting a speed monitor in your car
  • Educating other motorists (beginners) about the dangers of speeding
  • Petitioning for road barriers in your neighborhood
  • Mounting a surveillance camera outside your home

The Bottom Line

Speed kills. And if you’re lucky to escape a car crash, you’ll have to deal with a speeding ticket at one time or the other. The good thing is, you don’t have to speed if you know how and are willing tame your urge to drive beyond the set speed limits. These suggestions will indeed help you get started.

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