Escort Radar Detectors |

The decision to purchase Escort radar detectors for either your car or motorcycle is an excellent one as they are extremely beneficial. If you are the type of individual who has a tendency to speed or you like to feel the power of your vehicle, then you need to take precautions. Getting pulled over for a speeding ticket can really be a hassle and is simply not worth it in the long run.

In fact, if you do not take traffic school to clear your ticket then your premium on your insurance may go up which can result in an increase of a few hundred dollars per year. Of course, this will actually depend on how fast you were going but you get the idea. The decision to buy discount radar detectors will help a great to let you know if there is law enforcement in the area so that you can slow down.

This shouldn’t give you an excuse to speed on the highways as there’s a reason why there are speed limit laws. If you are wondering how do radar detectors work, radar guns transmit a microwave pulse to the vehicle which is then reflected back to the source. Using the Doppler Effect, the speed is calculated by the taking the difference of the frequency of the pulse from the frequency of the reflection.

Car radar detectors can then pick up these bands which are typically X, K or Ka and will alert you letting you know that someone is using a radar gun. Knowing this is valuable information so that you can immediately slow down and won’t be caught for any wrongdoing. There are many different products to choose from and each has different sensitivity ranges depending on which one you pick.

For those individuals that are also wondering about whether such devices are illegal, they are in certain countries and even in some states so you’ll need to do your research ahead of time. Escort actually offers a model from their lineup which is unable to be detected. This means that even if a cop pulls you over for suspected usage, they cannot actually prove that you were using it.

Escort Solo S2 cordless radar and laser detector

If you are looking to go cordless or wireless, then the Solo S2 model is an excellent choice as they are very easy to set up and simple to use. The 360 degree laser protection will ensure that you are protected from all areas so you know exactly if there is law enforcement in the area. Compared to other detectors, this device has outperformed them in terms of the X, K and Ka bands.

The innovative sensitivity features helps to reduce false alarms so that you are not constantly paranoid which can be extremely stressful. One of the negative aspects about the Escort Solo S2 is that has shorter range and sensitivity when compared to wired units. However, this is perfect if you are constantly on the go or switching between cars.

Additional features include an LCD that also doubles as a menu system so you can easily control brightness, audio tones, power modes and other options. If your battery runs low, then the SmartCord is an optional accessory that you can buy to power the S2 using a power source in your car. With this detector, you’ll never have to choose between convenience and performance.

Escort Passport 8500 X50 radar detector

The innovative 8500 features a Pop radar detection which is able to detect those radar guns that operate at low frequency. Law enforcement agencies are slowly starting to make use of this new technology as it much harder for older models to detect the radar signal. This therefore gives very little early warnings signs so that it might be too late to slow down in time.

This particular unit is very easy to use and even includes a small suction cup so that it can easily attach to your windshield. The buttons are also laid out in a manner that is very simple to use so you can control the sensitivity settings and brightness. All the radar bands that are used for speed detection can be read including the X, K and Ka bands and can even give warnings for laser detection.

The Escort Passport 8500 X50 has highly sensitive receiving system so that it can detect even those stations that make use of pop radar guns. However, when you purchase this you’ll need to enable these settings as it is not turned on by default. Audio alerts get increasingly louder as the threat approaches to where you are but you can easily adjust the volume for added convenience.

Escort Passport 9500ix radar and laser detector

The Passport 9500ix is an extremely radar detector and is absolutely a must have if you plan on doing a good of driving. This device can detect all bands including X, K, Ka and Ku which are most commonly used by law enforcement agencies throughout the country. This helps to detect these instances from both the front and rear so that you can determine the general direction of the threat.

The GPS tracking also helps to warn you if you are entering into a zone where there are known to be speed traps or speed cameras in the area. This can prove to be extremely beneficial for obvious reasons and audio alert instantly activates when you approach a thread. The bright blue LED display can also easily be read in direct sunlight and can easily be adjusted for night time use as well.

The Escort Passport 9500i is also another popular model from this company as it also provides standard features such as GPS powered intelligence. This device is also able to detect radar and laser 360 degrees so you can be sure that you are protected from all sides. This one comes fully equipped and is probably the most expensive but is most definitely worth the price.

These three models as described above are all excellent choices and which car radar detectors you choose is entirely up to you. Just be sure to read additional online reviews and ratings on the different types before making the purchase. With Escort radar detectors, you simply cannot go wrong and this is sure to be one of those investments that will easily pay for itself several times over.

These devices can be extremely expensive so to save money, you can easily purchase used or even buy a refurbished radar detector. Just be sure that you go through a reputable seller as the last thing you want is spending hard earned money. You can also find great deals by comparing prices at online retail stores or even checking auction sites for low prices.