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If the Radenso XP is beyond your budget, the Escort Passport S55 is an affordable option with reasonable features and reliable performance. Sure, you may have to make some compromises for the lower tariff, but this model offers everything you’d expect for a radar detector of its stature.

For starters, it is one of the most advanced, high-performing laser and radar detectors in its category. Other than that, it also boasts the following state-of-the-art functions.

A Bit of Background

Before you start learning about all the nice features of the Escort Passport S55, let’s first do a quick review of how a radar detector works. This will help you understand the importance of the features for this product.

A radar detector works by picking up the radio signals transmitted by a speed gun. It is a fairly simple technology that hasn’t changed since the first use of a speed gun. It is effective, which is why law enforcement continues to use it.

However, officers are also using newer technology that uses light waves instead of radio waves to detect speeding. Radar detectors can also tell if this type of speed gun is being used.

When the radar detector picks up a signal, it alerts you. Obviously, there are other sources of radio and light signals, so sometimes this will trigger a false alert to your detector, which is difficult to stop completely.

With this in mind, you can now review the different features of the Escort Passport S55 and have a better idea of how well it will function.

Outstanding Radar Protection

The Passport S55 doesn’t fall short when it comes to detecting police radar/laser signals. It has the brand-exclusive “V-Tuned” receiver for super long-range alerts on virtually all radar.

We’re talking about X-band, SuperWide Ka-band, and K-band signals. You can also use the POP mode to detect VG-2 devices whenever they appear within range. And then there’s the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to give the maximum possible range while keeping phony warnings at their bare minimum.

Brand-Exclusive Auto-sensitivity Mode

The S55 is more than just a radar detector. It is a smart device with the patented Auto-Sensitivity mode to identify speed traps from a variety of radar sources.

In the meantime, the integrated, innovative Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) software intelligently sorts, ranks and filters signals from traffic flow monitoring systems automatically. The result is maximum protection without unnecessary false alarms.

You can also count on the S55’s iconic laser protection to provide with optimal laser warning, complete with off-axis security.

High-Resolution Meter Modes

There’s no guesswork with the S55 reading, whether you’re learning How to Fight a Speeding Ticket or are a seasoned user. It offers three different meter displays – the unique SpecDisplay, ExpertMeter and the Standard Graph Bar.

All you need to do is to select the display mode that best resonates with you. It will then require a simple glance to interpret the readings.

High-Intensity Red Matrix Display

Just when you thought that there couldn’t be more to this radar detector, it does you one better! Its matrix display utilizes up to two hundred and eighty separate ultra-bright LEDs to give you crystal clear info including signal strength and alerts. Besides, you can the text display option when programming.

Hassle-free EZ Fine Tuning

You can use the Passport S55 with any adjustments. Nonetheless, you can attune it to match your particular driving style and speed. You can fiddle with things such as the brightness and volume levels as well as Power On indication.

You can even set it to detect particular laser and radar bands. What’s more? You can program the audio tones or activate the dark mode for night discreet driving. In other words, this radar detector can conform to your driving needs at the touch of a button, which by extension translates to accurate results.

And for those who may be concerned, this model also comes with mute and AutoMute features to keep the volume in check during long-range radar encounters.

Other notable highlights include;

Escort Live App Compatibility – The S55 just like most radar detectors from the same manufacturer is compatible with Escort Love smartphone app thanks to its integrated Bluetooth wireless technology. Do you know what the connectivity means?

Well, it allows you to interact with other users and most importantly get alerts in real time about any speed traps as reported by fellow motorists. Plus, the app will notify you of any changes in the posted speed limit, thereby saving from getting a speeding ticket.

SmartCord – Every Passport S55 package comes with a unique SmartCord with a Power-On indicator. The cord also has a bright alert light to warn you of laser or radar signals. And then there’s the handy Mute button next to the plug. Be sure to use this button whenever you can’t get your detector’s mute switch such as when you’ve mounted it on the windshield.


The Escort Passport S55 is a minimalist and simple to use radar detector that does an excellent job of protecting you on the highway and streets. As we’ve seen, it can track up to four signals at the same time and can filter all the annoying false alarms. With what it can do, and the positive vibes around it, there’s every reason to have confidence in this detector.

Even though it lacks the ability of high-end models such as detecting red light cameras and direction arrows, it performs pretty well for its cost. To cut to the chase, if you don’t have the money to spend, this device will indeed get the job done. At, we will keep tabs on this model, and you can bet that you’ll be the first to know if it undergoes any upgrades.

Escort Passport S55 Radar Detector – Extended Long Range, Escort Live App, AutoMute, AutoSensitivity, Audible Alerts, Adjustable LED Display, Signal Strength Meter, Black

  • AutoSensitivity – Based on speed, route, and more this Passport detector continuously analyzes incoming signals and adjusts the sensitivity automatically while in the city or on the highway to eliminate false alerts.
  • Escort Live App – Join our community of drivers sharing over 100 million alerts every year – red light and speed camera locations, speed limits, police radar and more. Compatible with Escort Live (separate SmartCord Live cord required)
  • Clear Audible Alerts – Allows hands free operation and crystal-clear communication. Based on signal strength, alerts will sound and occur faster as the signal strengthens allowing you to keep your eyes on the road without distractions.

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