Cordless Radar Detectors Comparison |

If you drive on a regular basis or expect to drive long distances whether you are planning a family trip, then making use of cordless radar detectors can be hugely beneficial. In fact, getting a speeding ticket can have serious consequences as it can also increase your insurance premium. With a quality detector, you’ll be better prepared so that you can slow down when necessary.

The way it works is that most law enforcement agencies make use of a radar gun which is then used to determine your vehicle’s speed through the frequency. Car radar detectors are able to read these bands and can signal in advance where there might be a hidden speed trap. While some states say these are illegal to have, there are companies that offer their products that cannot be detected.

There are also brands such as Bel and Escort which offer a GPS radar detector which essentially is able to pinpoint your exact location. This data is then compared to a database where there are known speed traps or cameras that can determine your speed. Obviously, this is beneficial for a number of reasons as you can slow down if you are going over the speed limit even by a few miles per hour.

When it comes to cordless radar detectors, there were originally only two models such as the Escort Solo and the Bel Express but now there are many products available. One of the downsides to such accessories is that they tend to not be as sensitive. This means that the likelihood of getting an early warning is reduced which can make a huge difference when it comes to prevention.

Downside of Cordless Radar Detectors

In addition, purchasing discount radar detectors for sale are also run solely on battery life which may only last for hours at a time before a recharge is needed. In order to compensate for this, engineers had to devise a cycle where the unit would shut off during random intervals to save battery. Research has shown that this greatly reduced sensitivity especially on the Ka band.

This means that it might be too late to slow down by the time you were alerted of a Ka band since it would take a detector much longer to scan it. This results in serious consequences as the sensitivity and the early warning would be significantly reduced. However, if you have a car that does not have a lighter in place, you may need to stick with cordless radar detectors for the time being.

1. BEL Express (Model 946)

One of the most popular models has been the BEL Express (Model 946) and is perhaps one of the longest running cordless models. This particular model comes with a number of features that make setting it up extremely easy with the ability to adjust several options. The BEL Express is perfect for the motorcycle crowd as the speakers can be used inside a helmet for alerts.

This model can easily identify bands such as X, K, Ka and even some laser guns which are becoming much more common throughout law enforcement agencies. One of the biggest benefits that has been found with the Express is that it can reliably detect Ka band radar. This makes it a clear winner compared to a comparison of other cordless radar detectors.

2. Sensoro Traveller II Cordless Radar Detector

Sensoro’s recent entry into the wireless market has surprised many companies as their products are built with high quality. The unit is very easy to set up and all the buttons serve a purpose in order to adjust the brightness, switch between city or highway and change the dimness modes.

What makes this particular model attractive is that it also comes with the ability to plug it into your automobile should you need to charge it. This one is very simple in design and has icons that are much easier to read when compared to the Solo or Express.

There are also different pitches when an X, K, Ka or L band radar is being read from within the vicinity but these may be difficult to distinguish at first. The four City modes can also have its sensitivity easily adjusted depending on your personal preferences. The X and K band performance is simply amazing but it is slightly lacking when it comes to reading the K band.

3. Escort Solo 2 Cordless Radar Detectors

This model is aesthetically pleasing which features a design so you won’t get it confused with other detectors. The buttons and controls are fairly easy to get used to and the LCD screen reads out messages very clearly by using a trio of LEDs. During the daytime however, it can be difficult to read but isn’t much of a problem during night time.

When it comes to reading X, K, Ka and Laser radars, the Solo does an excellent job and even includes audio alerts to provide an early warning. This model also includes 10 user programmable options to give you even more flexibility whether you are driving through the city or the highway. The Solo 2 is simply the most sophisticated cordless detector but lacks in Ka band sensitivity.

Cordless Radar Detector Comparison

These are just some of the more popular models that are available and you can even choose those that come with Bluetooth capability. These three models have also been favorable when it comes to consumer reports and are often the best rated ones for cordless radar detectors. These are perfect for both vehicles and motorcycles as they are simple to use and easy to set up.

The BEL Express, Sensoro Traveller and Escort Solo 2 all cost under $400 which makes them perfect for those who are on a budget. Even if it can prevent you from getting just one speeding ticket, then it will be much worth the price so it will be beneficial for many years. When you buy radar detectors, just be sure that you go through a reputable seller that you know to be trustworthy.