Cobra Radar Detector Code Meanings – Best Radar Detector 2019

If you are new to radar detecting technology, the codes and symbols on the detectors can seem like a bunch of gibberish. But if you devote just ten minutes of your time to learning the Cobra Radar Detector code meanings, then you can quickly be on your way to understanding radar technology as a whole.

There are five essential codes you should know of when using your Cobra Radar Detector.

X Band Code

The x band is the oldest frequency that the Cobra Radar picks up. Police do not use this frequency for their radars as often, except in the states of North Carolina, New Jersey, and Ohio. Be aware that sometimes this band can send out a false signal when someone uses an automatic door opener.

K Band Code

The k band is newer and thus more popular than the x band, especially in the United States. However, like the x band, it may also pick up so false signals from interfering systems. But these false signals are nowhere near as frequent as the x band signals.

Ka-Band Code

The Ka-band code is the newest radar band introduced an thus it is the hardest to detect. As such, a lot of police officers prefer using this band code because detectors generally have a hard time finding it.

V-Stealth Mode

This mode protects against police who have machines that determine if individuals have radar detectors in their cars. This mode can be helpful if you are driving through an area where radar detectors are illegal.

POP Mode

This mode uses a particular radar gun that sends out pulses instead of a continuous wave. While the Cobra has a way to detect this method, it is not very helpful. Police do not use the model much anymore because it is not very accurate.

We hope this article helped you identify all the Cobra Radar Detector code meanings. If you are interested in purchasing a radar detector, then make sure you check out our comprehensive list of the best models.