Changing GPS Location On iPhone – Best Radar Detector 2019

Regardless of your reason for doing so, there are ways where you can trick into changing the GPS locations of your phone. Many people use the device so they can check in at certain areas, use special area-specific Snapchat geofilters or capture special Pokemon in Pokemon go.

Unfortunately, for a long time, the only way to accomplish this was by jailbreaking your phone. Now, there is a way to do it without it. Following these steps when changing GPS location iPhone and you should have no problems.

First, you need to download the application 3uTools for Windows computers. Then connect your computer with your iPhone, or any other Apple device and launch the 3uTools application. However, before you do this make sure the syn automatically feature in your iTunes application is not active. Once the computer detects your iPhone, click the back-up/restore button and then backup iPhone. Once this backup process complete, then go to the backup management section and open the latest backup.

Once in the backup management section go to the part of your back up labeled as some variation of Apple Maps. Now that you are in this section insert directly in front of the tag within the maps section: __internal__PlaceCardLocationSimulation . Once you check to see if the alignment is right, save the file and go back to iTunes.

Choose the restore data option and pick the most recent backup you’re performed. Once you iPhone restores itself, you should be able to open Apple Maps, type in a location and then trick your iPhone into thinking it is at that location. Set a pin down on the site and, you will see a “simulate location” button appear. Click that button, and you are good to go! You’ve finished the changing GPS location iPhone. Have fun simulating locations!

We hope this article helped you during your changing GPS location iPhone process. Unfortunately, if you have a Mac computer, there is no way to run the 3uTools application on your device. If you fall into this category, then you will need to jailbreak your phone.