7 Car-Related Apps to Avoid Getting a Ticket

Now, thanks to technology, you can bring the power to avoid a speeding ticket straight to your hand! Yes, we’re talking apps that can help you to monitor your speed as you cruise down the highway. Incredible! So, you’d better download any of these apps right now before the cops catch up with you for over speeding. These run on both Android and iOS platforms so there’s no question about their compatibility with your Smartphone.

Phantom Alert

A crowd favorite, Phantom Alert thrives on accuracy and a user-friendly design. It works by receiving and analyzing sound as well visuals to pick up police radar and laser guns. This app helps you to stay in the good books with the police by focusing on three issues you are likely to encounter while driving; red light cameras, live traffic and speed cameras. On top of that, Phantom Alert also allows you access to additional information such as road accidents, dangerous intersections, school zones and weather conditions as well as railroad crossing areas. Motorist says this app is reliable and brings forth a stellar performance required to keep you ticket-free.

GPS Speedometer

This app has a few tricks up in its sleeves. Apart from making sure that you stay within the set speed limits, it also doubles up as an entertainment app. Its level of interaction is what makes it different from other speeding apps. The GPS Speedometer allows you to set the speed. If you drive past that limit, it sounds off an alarm to warn you that it’s time to take it easy on the accelerator.

GPS Speedometer seeks to keep you safe even when you’re not riding in your car. It will detect speed in a commuter bus so you can know when the driver is over speeding. The only thing you need to remember is that this app has built-in Top Speed setting which is the maximum speed you can reach any particular moment.

Police Radar

Don’t have an Android or iOS mobile device? Not a problem! Police Radar is a Windows-based app for any motorist who doesn’t own an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy for that matter. It offers customizable alerts to warn you of pending speed traps and police radar. Just like the GPS Speedometer app, Police Radar largely depends on user interaction for the best results possible. In other words, it will warn you depending on how you set it. Nonetheless, those who’ve used it say it is quite consistent when it comes to helping you keep your driving speed in check. And the best part is that Police Radar is available for free.

Speed Tracker

The name couldn’t have been more appropriate. Speed Tracker, just like the name suggests is all about making sure that you don’t accelerate beyond the predetermined speed limit. It will give you all the statistics you need to know how you’re faring on the road including your speed, distance covered, the time it has taken you to get work and more. Speed Tracker also allows you to share your trips with your social circle including friends and family. All you got to do is install the app on your phone and it will start to record your data automatically. And oh, don’t forget to allow it to access your device’s location for GPS navigation.

Cobra iRadar

While this app doesn’t come for free, it can pick out all police radar guns and lasers. In fact, motorists love it for its ability to single out old-school police radar that most apps can’t detect. Plus, it is a property of one of the best radar detectors brands so you can count on it to deliver what it promises. Cobra iRadar has an intuitive user interface and is ideal for beginners and seasoned drivers alike. It provides information such traffic cameras and speed traps even in traffic jams and is by far one of the most consistent apps you can install on your smartphone if you want to avoid a speeding ticket. Other notable highlights include traffic jams warning in real-time and integrated gas station locator.

Escort Live Radar

Who better to develop an app than Escort, one of the leading manufacturers of police radar detectors? Available in Russian, Spanish and English, Escort Live Radar will provide you with details about police traps and also show you multiple maps at the same time. It will allow you to share reports with other app users too. While this app isn’t integrated with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, it lets all users in the Escort community share information amongst themselves. And because it has a built-in GPS feature, it will notify you about your speed, the limit in the area that you’re driving and whether or not you’re over speeding.

Speed Cameras Alert

This app, as you can tell by its name, seeks to warn you of upcoming traffic and speed cameras in good time to allow you to slow down. Speed Cameras Alert features a modest, streamlined design. It scores highly on versatility too. Other functions include built-in voice recognition and compatibility with turn-by-turn navigation services offered by other apps such as Waze. You can also zoom in and out of your current location. Speed Camera Alerts is available for free.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to be a victim of a speeding camera, not with one of these apps on your phone. So, download one because that how to avoid a speeding ticket!

Apps to Avoid Getting a Ticket